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Becoming a modern and competitive organization, internationally recognized as a company able to provide the best solutions regarding the maritime and port sector operating in Peru.



Managing and supporting ships and their loads in different commercial operations in order to provide the solutions to comply with their goals, respecting the environment and providing a service with high quality standars that allow us to be competitive internationally.


Developing a fair chain

We promote a fair chain relationship, which implies a fair price and a long term business relationship.

Acting morality

We act respecting the law without committing dishonest acts or suspicious negotiations.

Respect for the environment

We promote the care and conservation of nature, acting in harmony with the ecological environment.

Work team

The members or our team share the goals, plans, strategies and errors, making the group’s goals prevail over individual goals.


We support our staff’s initiative and creativity by tolerating mistakes and looking for permanent action. Without this value, we would not take advantage of the opportunities.

Total quality – Productivity

Doing the job well done satisfying the customer’s needs, achieving results at the lowest cost, optimizing the utilization of resources.