We have a solid experience working with shipping companies, representing them before the local authorities and attending all their needs. We provide service to all kind of ships and watercrafts: container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, Roros, passengers among others. We provide a personalized service and give permanent monitoring during operations, including the fuel supply, spares, crew’s groceries, onboard supplies and every service that the ship may require.

We care about improving our operational processes and information systems as a basic tool to provide our clients a reliable and efficient service. This guarantees a correct information flow during all our operations.


operational processes, tool to provide our clients a reliable and efficient service.



We advise ships giving them all required information for their attention before local authorities. Also, once in port we take charge of managing all logistic requirements such as: crew change, transportation and hotel services, medical attention, fuel supply, waste removal, giving money, repairs and hull maintenance, equipment and ship machinery among others. Our provisioning service is carried out in a planned manner complying with delivery times and quality required by the ship while in port. We supply ships all kinds of food, items for cabin, spare parts for the engine room, deck, electronics, welding, general spare parts and safety equipment.



We manage, process and verify the information of cargo and containers, as well as documentation related to import and export operations. We also note and transmit the cargo manifest to the authorities meeting the deadlines required by law.